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What are the side effects of tamoxifen for breast cancer

The most common side effects of tamoxifen are: increased tumor or bone pain. Side effects of tamoxifen versus side effects of aromatase inhibitors. Although both aromatase inhibitors and tamoxifen can cause menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, many of their side effects differ. Tamoxifen (Nolvadex), a hormone therapy drug, is used to treat breast cancers and to lower risk in women at high risk of breast cancer. Read about Tamoxifen. Indigestion or nausea.

What are the side effects of tamoxifen for breast cancer
Effects on bone health. Change to hair or facial hair.

Learn about the potential side effects of tamoxifen. Includes common and rare. In women, tamoxifen may cause cancer or other problems of the uterus (womb). WebMD looks at the use of the drug tamoxifen for treating breast cancer and preventing it in high-risk cases. Tamoxifen with the possible side effects, which can be quite severe.

This issue of The Beaconaddresses some of these questions for women who are taking, or. Chemotherapy can cause more side effects than.

What are the side effects of tamoxifen for breast cancer
For example, tamoxifen blocks the effects of estrogen in breast tissue but acts like. Tamoxifen is approved by the FDA for adjuvant hormone treatment of. It is not likely to work if tamoxifen has already been used and has stopped working. These drugs are taken by mouth as a pill. Tamoxifen and raloxifene have been shown to reduce the risk breast cancer, but they can have their own risks and side effects. A new study shows taking Tamoxifen longer could further reduce breast cancer recurrence and deaths, but are the side effects worth the extra.

Tamoxifen, used to treat breast cancer, has saved the lives of millions of. Less common side - effects are depression, headaches, vision. Endometrial cancer, a known side effect of tamoxifen, was 3. The preventative effect of the breast cancer drug tamoxifen is. Thousands of women may be abandoning a potentially life-saving breast cancer drug because they mistakenly blame it for causing unpleasant. Find information about tamoxifen, a medicine to treat breast cancer, from Cleveland Clinic, including side effects, precautions, concerns, and more. Although longer treatment with tamoxifen increases the risk of adverse effects, the reduction in breast cancer mortality associated with longer.

Most patients treated with tamoxifen have minimal adverse effects. Combination treatment of tamoxifen with risperidone in breast. The sports journalist, who underwent treatment for breast cancer when she was pre-menopausal, said she suffered horrendous night sweats. A new study shows that a gel form of commonly used cancer drug tamoxifen is just as effective as the oral form and produces fewer side effects.

Women accept tamoxifen as a treatment because of its demonstrated efficacy in breast cancer, extending survival and reducing contralateral.

What are the side effects of tamoxifen for breast cancer
It is driven by the female hormone estrogen and helps. TAMOXIFEN is a hormone therapy for breast cancer which reduces the risk of the disease coming back after surgery. However, experts have.

I need information or possibly first hand knowledge of how Tamoxifen affects men.